Wilderness Ranch Owner's Association Bridges - Boise, Idaho

The Wilderness Ranch Owner's Association, located 20 miles up SH-21 toward Idaho City, contracted with JC Constructors for work on two bridges.  JCC constructed two concrete bridges with associated site improvements to provide owners access to their properties and demolished one existing bridge. 

The Rush Creek bridge provided several technically innovative solutions.  JCC proposed a value engineering system for the originally designed deep foundation consisting of pile encased in concrete that would require augering through subsurface boulders; JCC provided an engineering design to pre-drill and drive pile through subsurface boulders, which saved the project significant time and costs.  JCC designed and constructed a temporary crane platform above Rush Creek that provided capacity to hold their 140 ton crane while setting the 40,000 pound girders for the bridge. 

JCC used soil nails at both bridges for temporary shoring walls to protect roadways while excavating for abutments; SH-21 is immediately adjacent to the Rush Creek bridge.  All work conformed to US Army Corps of Engineers 404 permit and NPDES requirements.  Project costs were $1.9M.