Meridian Wastewater Treatment Plant - Meridian, Idaho 

This project includes a complete new liquid stream treatment train to double Meridian’s wastewater capacity to 15 mgd. Included are two 80’ primary clarifiers, a primary sludge pump station with three 70 gpm progressive cavity pumps, a methanol and acidic acid chemical building, a blower building with three geared turbo blowers ranging from 350 hp to 800 hp and two 50 hp multi-stage centrifugal blowers, four aeration basins totaling 3.2 mg, two 100’ secondary clarifiers, a RAS transfer station with three 2,150 gpm horizontal centrifugal pumps, and RAS/WAS station with four RAS pumps ranging in capacity from 2,400 gpm to 4,800 gpm and two 650 gpm WAS pumps.    


JC Constructor’s self-performed work on the project includes 20,000 cy of structural concrete, 80,000 cy of excavation and backfill, extensive dewatering, 11,000 feet of buried site pipe, 100 tons of fabricated structural steel, 6,300 feet of exposed mechanical pipe, installation of twenty-one pumps, exposed pipe, industrial coatings, and valves.  Subcontractors were used for trade specialties, such as rebar and paving, or when required for state licenses such as electrical and instrumentation, HVAC, plumbing, and fire systems.  The project was constructed over 36 months with costs totaling $37M.

Meridian WTP 4-12-19 005
Meridian W.T. 2-23-19 009