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How We Build

At JC Constructors, how we build is as important as what we build.  Since our inception, our company has focused on integrity, character, and values.   We create success through teamwork.  


Our goals are to be the:

  • Best in Integrity.  We build the same quality of work no matter who is on the jobsite or observing the work.  We strive to make sure our work meets the plans and specifications that the engineer has designed.  

  • Best in Work Environment.  We believe that people are the most important part of our projects and our company.  We make every effort to create a positive work environment that is built on relationships and trust.  We work collaboratively with engineers and owners through technically challenging problems to create strong teams.  The safety of our people is a top priority.

  • Best in Value. We work to keep costs low because owners do not want to pay any more than necessary for construction and the low bid typically receives the work.  However, we also work to add value during the construction process to details that are difficult to envision during the design.


Our Keys to Success are to the left - feel free to download a copy.  


Please contact us if you would like a list of recent references.

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