Magic Springs Pipeline - Hagerman, Idaho

The Idaho Ground Water Appropriators, Inc. (IGWA) were judiacally mandated to provide water to a fish farm 1.5 miles north of the Snake River to fulfill a senior water right.  Ground water wells to 2,300 water right holders on 870,000 acres would be curtailed if water was not supplied within the court mandated timeframe; these well to water right holders included municipalities, dairies, farms, businesses, and private dwellings.  

JC Constructors built the project to deliver water within three months of notice to proceed and without well curtailment.  They constructed dual 24" and 30" carbon steel pipes on a talus slope, ranging from 25% to 50% grade, and vertically up a 90' tall cliff face. The carbon steel pipes required six concrete thrust blocks with subgrade improvements that varied from 10' deep excavations to remove and recompact material on the talus slope to cement grout injection.   Work on the cliff face required rock anchors and rock mesh.  Rigorous dewatering was required when JCC constructed a 12' deep wetwell with piping to facilitate an owner supplied pre-manufactured pump station.  JCC employed key subcontractors to assure the work would satisfy the schedule requirements.  These subcontractors worked installing 11,000 feet of 24" and 36" owner-supplied HDPE pipe through agricultural land as well site piping, valves, and vaults where the water was delivered.  The project cost was $3.0 M.

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