Water Treatment Plant - Orofino, Idaho 

This project includes construction of a new membrane water treatment plant with 1.5 mgd capacity.  Clearwater River in-river work required a 700 foot cofferdam to demolish the existing pump station and gabion wall as well as construct a new intake 10 feet below the river bottom with a 200 foot long flow control weir.  A new 34’ deep raw water pump station conveys water to the membrane building that houses chemicals, filtration equipment and pumps, as well as controls and offices; a new concrete clear well sits below the membrane building; a finished water pump station conveys water to the existing distribution system.  JC Constructors designed and installed the temporary water intake and pump station to convey 900 gpm to the City's drinking water system; it was the City’s sole source of water and operated reliably throughout the thirteen month project.  Project cost is $5.8 million.